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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a "travel" player to participate? Absolutely not!  Both the GHSL and Summer Clinics are open to players of all skill levels!  For the best possible experience, players should possess basic skating skills and an understanding of hockey fundamentals. House and high school players are welcome!

Are Goltz Hockey Programs for Mission players only? Not at all!! All Goltz Hockey Programs are open to all travel players. Coach Goltz does not recruit, and the Mission program will not be discussed during Goltz Hockey events. Goltz Hockey has been providing off-season programs since 2008, and has a long history of participants from other travel organizations.  It's all about fun!

Do GHSL teams practice? No. The GHSL is a strictly "for-FUN," player-driven league.  The league consists of weekly games, a playoff round, and a Championship Game.  

Do GHSL players need to be present at the Player Draft? No.

For Big Fellas, "Commissioner Goltz" will select Team Captains, and those Captains will meet  for a paper, "fantasy-style" draft.  The results will be posted online within 24 hrs. of the Draft.  Note: Players may be traded by Captains, so it is up to players to check the website regularly.

For Li'L Guys, Commissioner Goltz selects teams to best match up players of varying ages.

Are Drop-ins welcome? Drop-ins are welcome at all clinics, provided the number of participants is not too great. Registration and payments are required at the time of the clinic.

Drop-ins are not allowed for the GHSL.  However, special considerations may be made.  Please contact Jeremy Goltz directly for more information.